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Spirit-Free Variety Pack

Spirit-Free Variety Pack

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Want all three of our flagship flavors? Our variety packs come with two of each flavor! 

BEE’S KNEES: Juniper, local honey and lemon. Tangy & Sweet

Ingredients: filtered water, juniper berry syrup (pure cane sugar, hand-crushed organic juniper berry juice, organic juniper berry extract, citric acid), pure wildflower honey, 100% lemon juice from concentrate, natural flavor, citric acid

COSMO: Cranberry, orange and lime. Punchy & Tart

Ingredients: filtered water, pure cane sugar, natural flavor, cranberry juice*, lime juice 100% from concentrate, orange peel powder, citric acid, orange blossom water (water, natural concentrated orange flower extract). *100% from concentrate

CAIPIRINHA: Green Tea, wasabi and lime. Grassy & Light 

Ingredients: filtered water, pure cane sugar, lime juice 100% from concentrate, natural flavor, green tea, citric acid, pure lime oil, wheat grass powder, wasabi powder (horseradish, mustard, corn starch, ascorbic acid, citric acid, artificial color (fd&c yellow no.5, fd&c blue no.1)

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