What is "Trunk Tea"?

Emily's grandfather, originally from Alabama, grew up in an era when traveling required using a map, relying on word of mouth, and possibly consulting a travel agent before embarking on a vacation. Journeying through the Bible Belt meant encountering dry counties, so he learned to be prepared. Honey, as he was fondly called, always traveled with his personal supply of liquor, which he kept in his trunk and referred to as his "Trunk Tea," so he could enjoy a well-deserved drink after a long day on the road with his wife and two daughters.

As time passed, Emily's father adopted the phrase "Trunk Tea" and passed it down to her and her siblings. Today, a new generation continues to embrace the spirit of Trunk Tea, while being mindful of their alcohol consumption as well as appreciating a finely crafted drink.

Emily Wines, Founder

Emily Wines is a Birmingham native who knows her way around the bar. 

During her tenure at Auburn University, she had the opportunity to study wine through a study abroad program in Napa and Sonoma Valleys. So, there’s no wonder that she naturally progressed to bartending as her trade. 

After years in the food and beverage industry, she’s developed a love for simple things like food, drink, and company. In fact, that’s what Trunk Tea Spirits is all about. Providing simple pleasures crafted with quality ingredients for those who don’t want to imbibe but still deserve a quality beverage.